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New data on long-term immune response

The Lancet Global Health recently published data from Malawi showing that typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) elicits a strong immune response among both young children and school-age children and does not interfere with measles-rubella vaccine when given at the same time. These findings support adding TCV to routine immunization schedules and provide even more evidence that TCV offers lifesaving protection to African children.

The data from this study further support co-administration with routine measles-containing vaccine and introduction into routine childhood immunization at 9 months. The results from Malawi are compatible with those from other TCV immunogenicity studies in IndiaNepalBangladesh, and Burkina Faso, which found that TCV can be safely co-administered with other routine vaccines. This additional evidence is essential for decision-makers planning or considering TCV introduction.

These promising results from Malawi—alongside other ongoing studies—offer hope that more decision-makers will prioritize TCV so that children will be protected from typhoid.

First regional meeting on typhoid & TCV, Bangladesh

The Coalition against Typhoid hosted the 2022 Asia Regional Meeting on Typhoid & TCV September 20-22 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This first of its kind meeting convened key immunization stakeholders from 15 countries in Asia and the Western Pacific to connect, discuss the latest updates on TCVs, and collectively strategize next steps in TCV decision-making and introduction. Those in attendance included representatives from National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups, Regional Immunization Technical Advisory Groups, Expanded Programmes on Immunization, and ministries of health. Programming consisted of curated presentations, panel discussions, and working groups with peer-to-peer conversations alongside other TCV stakeholders. Participants heard about global policy support available from representatives of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the World Health Organization (WHO), and TyVAC.

EuTCV study launches in Kenya

A Phase 3 study of a TCV candidate called EuTCV launched in Kericho, Kenya. This is the second site for this study; the first began in May in Sandiara, Senegal. Investigators at the Kenya Medical Research Institute, in collaboration with PATH, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and EuBiologics, are conducting the study to assess the safety and immune response of EuTCV in adults and children 6 months of age and older. EuTCV is one of several new TCV candidates in development that could help diversify the TCV market. It was previously shown to be safe and generate a strong immune response in a Phase 1 trial and a Phase 2/3 trial in adults and children in the Philippines. EuBiologics will seek to have EuTCV WHO-prequalified, which would enable EuTCV to join the list of TCVs that are already globally available and can be introduced with Gavi support.

Considering TCV in the era of pandemics

From September 16-18, the 8th Asian Vaccine Conference brought together immunization experts to share the latest research, vaccine development, and treatments related to vaccine-preventable diseases, including typhoid. During the virtual conference, experts discussed how to work together across sectors to save more lives. As the burden of drug-resistant typhoid increases and we collectively endure increased climate events, bridging gaps and working across sectors to take on typhoid is as important as ever. TyVAC presented on experience and lessons learned from Nepal, Samoa, and Pakistan, three early adopter countries that have introduced TCV. The presentation included information from the campaigns and lessons learned for other sectors and other countries to consider as the discussions for TCV introduction continue.

Outbreak reports

Increased typhoid cases have been reported in the Philippines during the rainy season. There have been 7,681 typhoid cases this year, which is an 109% increase compared to the same time period last year.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has reported more than 755,000 suspected typhoid cases in the period from January to June this year.

Scientific publications

Typhoid fever control in the 21st century: Where are we now?

Safety and immunogenicity of a typhoid conjugate vaccine among children aged 9 months to 12 years in Malawi: A nested substudy of a double-blind, randomised controlled trial

Field evaluation of typhoid conjugate vaccine in a catch-up campaign among children aged 9 months to 15 years in Sindh, Pakistan

Estimating typhoid incidence from community-based serosurveys: A multicohort study

The international and intercontinental spread and expansion of antimicrobial-resistant Salmonella Typhi: A genomic epidemiology study

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