Resources & Tools to Take on Typhoid

Everyone has a role to play in raising awareness about typhoid and advocating for its prevention and control—from policy-makers, program managers, researchers, and scientists to pediatricians and health care workers. These materials are designed for anyone who wants to advocate for the prioritization of typhoid prevention and control, including introduction of typhoid conjugate vaccines (TCVs), improved water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs, and updated policies and budgets. Resources are available to provide both general and country-specific information about typhoid, TCVs, and vaccine introduction costs and support, as well as messages and tools to reach key decision-makers.

Resources on topics relevant to TCV introduction, including information on TyVAC support, as well as typhoid and TCV.

Visual representations of key data and messages for TCV introduction provided with charts, diagrams, and other visual images.

Country-specific materials on the burden of typhoid and potential impact of TCVs in each country.