These materials are mostly visual representations of information. Key data and messages relevant for TCV new vaccine introduction decisions are provided with charts, diagrams, and other visual images.

Decision-maker fact card [English][Français] [Português]
Fast facts [English] [Français]
TCV introduction costs [English] [Français] [Português]
WHO-prequalified TCVs: Programmatic characteristics [English] [Français] [Português]
Path to protection with TCVs [English] [Français]
Vaccines take on drug-resistant typhoid [English] [Français] [Português]
World Health Organization report on drug resistance [English] [Français]
Typhoid conjugate vaccines by the numbers [English] [Français] [Português]
Impact of TCVs on drug-resistant typhoid [English] [Français] [Português]
TCV efficacy in Africa and Asia [English] [Français] [Português]
Progress to take on typhoid [English] [Français]