Introducing the New Coalition against Typhoid Website

You may have noticed already, but there’s something a little different about us today. The Coalition against Typhoid is proud to officially unveil our new website, designed to engage our members with exciting content and useful information. You’ll find every part of our strategic vision reflected in our new site:

  • We want to bring together researchers: you’ll find information about our biennial conference and how to submit abstracts and attend.
  • We want to raise awareness of typhoid as a global health priority: you’ll read the Stories of Typhoid, which illustrate the human burden and impact of typhoid.
  • We want to disseminate research and news: you’ll find our News and Updates an invaluable resource.
  • We want to act to prevent typhoid: you’ll unearth all the information you need on Vaccines and Water Safety.

Change can be confusing, but with an easy click on the menu box in the top left corner of your screen, you will be able to navigate to your favorite pages.

Among the new features we are most excited about is Global Research Map, which allows our readers to click on any country and find out the latest typhoid data and news. Give it a try. Additionally, if you’re not already on your mobile device, try opening our site on your smart phone or tablet and see how easy it is to access our content (like our Stories of Typhoid).

This has been in process for months, so we are excited to show our members how we are always  improving and expanding. Hopefully, you find the site easy to use, valuable to your work, and informative.

Denise Garrett is Vice President, Typhoid Programs at the Sabin Vaccine Institute.