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10 Mar 2017

Joy Kusiima

The need to strengthen laboratory capacity in Uganda

This is a guest blog from Dr. Joy Kusiima. Dr. Kusiima is a Fellow with Uganda Public Health Fellowship Programme, Ministry of Health. While travelling to conduct a health needs

6 Mar 2017

Alice Lee

Enteric Fevers, Fallen Empires: When Typhoid and Paratyphoid Toppled Civilizations

By today’s standards, enteric fever, which includes typhoid and paratyphoid, is easily treatable and preventable – but in the days before antibiotics and vaccines, outbreaks of these diseases were so

21 Feb 2017

Alice Lee

Knowledge Exchange Newsletter January/February 2017

​​Stories of Typhoid: Asim Meet Asim. In his low-income urban neighborhood in Pakistan, it can seem as if the one thing more widespread than typhoid is misinformation about typhoid. Crucial information