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The Coalition against Typhoid is pleased to announce that the 10th International Conference on Typhoid and Other Invasive Salmonelloses will be held April 4 – 6, 2017, in Kampala, Uganda. The theme of the conference is “From Evidence to Action,” as the conference aims to invigorate the response to typhoid, paratyphoid, and invasive non-typhoidal salmonella (iNTS) by:

  • Bringing together the world’s experts to advance knowledge, present new research, and promote scientific collaborations around the world;
  • Setting the stage for the new typhoid conjugate vaccines (TCVs);
  • Advancing a clear agenda for preventing typhoid, paratyphoid, and iNTS including the cross-cutting issues of water, sanitation, and hygiene, urbanization, environment, and equity; and
  • Building partnerships between science, government, and businesses to strengthen typhoid, paratyphoid, and iNTS prevention and treatment efforts.

Learn more about abstract and symposia opportunities, as well as sponsorship options for the conference. Join us in Kampala!