New Resource – Education Slideset and Facilitator’s Guide

Calling all champions! Yes, that means you!

Typhoid prevention and control is no small task. There is not one solution, and no single leader can solve a country’s typhoid burden alone. The reality is that integrated typhoid prevention and control takes focus, resources, and dedicated action from a diverse set of stakeholders and champions. Students, researchers, scientists, doctors, nurses, vaccinators, policy makers, health program managers, donors – almost everyone – has a crucial role to play when it comes to taking on typhoid.

With this in mind, the Coalition against Typhoid is excited to announce that we have recently published an education slide set – and corresponding facilitator’s guide – about typhoid. The set is intended for universities, hospitals, health organizations, and other interested audiences to be educated – or educate others – on typhoid and its global impact.

Importantly, the set is designed to ensure that all readers understand the basic tenants of typhoid epidemiology, diagnostics, treatment prevention, and the role that we each must play to make typhoid a disease of the past.

Typhoid affects millions of people every year, the large majority of them young children. The increasing burden of drug resistant typhoid, prominently evident in Pakistan and Zimbabwe recently, but emerging in other countries as well, alongside increasing climate change extremes, and ongoing urbanization, means that the urgency to take on typhoid is only growing.

Typhoid conjugate vaccines and water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions are proven solutions that countries can introduce and develop to control their burden of typhoid. However, in order to make strategic, well-grounded decisions, it is crucial to understand the basic tenants of typhoid.

We hope you will use the slide set, and employ the facilitators guide to help lead discussions, learn, raise awareness, and become a vocal champion to take on typhoid. The task is monumental, but together, we have the resources, tools, and dedication to make typhoid a disease of the past.

If you have questions about the slide set or corresponding guide, please email:

Photo courtesy of ©Sabin Vaccine Institute/Esther Havens