Knowledge Exchange Newsletter, March 2016

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March has been a busy month for the Coalition against Typhoid (CaT) Secretariat. We published a summary of the 9th International Conference on Typhoid and Invasive Non-Typhoidal Salmonella Disease, celebrated World Water Day, and prepared for the launch of our Knowledge Exchange Newsletter!

With this newsletter, CaT hopes to engage the typhoid community through the sharing of current news, publications, research and events. I hope you will join us in this effort. Do you have a new paper, story or update to share? Email us at, and we’ll add your announcement to the newsletter.

Together, we can create a collaborative forum for the typhoid community.


Denise Garrett, MD, MS

Director, Coalition against Typhoid (CaT) Secretariat

Vaccine Advocacy and Education

Sabin Vaccine Institute

 Outbreak Watch

  • Zimbabwe and South Africa have been facing a surge in typhoid cases since January.
  • The number of cases in Harare, Zimbabwe caused the city council to declare outbreak status as of March 8.
  • ​Suspected typhoid fever and dysentery killed 13 individuals in a Nigerian community in late February.



Genomics and Host Susceptibility

Antimicrobial Resistance


Diagnostics and Treatments



  • March 2, Washington, D.C.– The House Committee on Foreign Affairs held a subcommittee hearing, The Growing Threat of Cholera and Other Diseases in the Middle East. Dr. Issam Raad, president of Health Outreach to the Middle East, cited multidrug resistant typhoid as a growing concern in his testimony.
  • March 22– CaT celebrated World Water Day with a blog post on the intersection of typhoid, WASH and conflict. We also highlighted the importance of WASH to typhoid prevention on social media with #WASHoutTyphoid.