Knowledge Exchange Newsletter, June 2017


Typhoid Watch

  • Guyana – A 35-year-old miner has died of typhoid and malaria, while his wife has been hospitalized
  • India – Delhi reports a 20 to 25 percent spike in cases of heat stroke, typhoid and other ailments. GurgaonHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala report similar surges in typhoid cases
  • Iraq – Medical sources announced dozens of typhoid reports in the city of Baghdad because of contamination of drinking water and high temperatures  
  • Nigeria – Ongoing famine and the impending rainy season raises fears about typhoid risk in northeast Nigeria
  • Tajikistan – Five villagers in Bokhtar district of Khatlon province were hospitalized with typhoid, with 70 more suspected typhoid cases reported in the region. Local doctors link cases of typhoid in the region with problems of providing residents with clean drinking water
  • Turkey – A possible Salmonella infection has killed one and hospitalized more than a thousand soldiers 
  • Zambia – The typhoid outbreak in Mpika district is now under control, according to the province health director. There have been 160 cases of typhoid and two deaths
  • Zimbabwe – Typhoid has resurfaced in Zimbabwe, with 16 cases reported across the country, 14 of which were in Harare



Antimicrobial Resistance

  • In vitro efficacy and in-silico analysis of cefixime-ofloxacin combination for Salmonella Typhi from bloodstream infection – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Complications and Case Studies



  • Trends of vaccine-preventable diseases in Afghanistan from the Disease Early Warning System, 2009-2015 – PLoS One


  • Synthesis and antigenic evaluation of oligosaccharide mimics of Vi antigen from Salmonella typhi – Chemistry
  • Protection against inhalation anthrax by immunization with Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi Ty21a stably producing protective antigen of Bacillus anthracis – Nature

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