Knowledge Exchange Newsletter, July 2017

Stories of Typhoid: Meet Samina

Samina was only six years old when she fell ill with antibiotic-resistant typhoid during an ongoing outbreak in Pakistan. Her father, Ejaz Somro, tells Samina’s tragic story in hopes that it will help families like his avoid the agony of typhoid. Read more.

Typhoid Watch

  • Bangladesh – As floodwaters begin to recede in flood-hit areas, waterborne diseases including typhoid are spreading
  • Lake Chad Basin – 2.4 million people displaced by Boko Haram conflicts in Nigeria, Niger and Chad face outbreaks of typhoid and other waterborne diseases as the rainy season begins
  • India – Hospitals in Gurgaon continue to see more than than 150 typhoid and diarrhea patients per day, resulting in a shortage of beds
  • Laos – An outbreak of typhoid in northern Laos has subsided and is no longer dangerous, officials confirm
  • Nepal – With the monsoon season in full swing, the number of patients visiting hospitals in Nuwakot for fever and typhoid has dramatically increased. Udayapur has seen a similar surge, with one hospital receiving 200 fever-presenting patients every day. The number of patients in the Kathmandu Valley has also increased with the monsoon season
  • Pakistan – Researchers at the Aga Khan University are warning of a widespread multi-drug resistance typhoid outbreak that they described as “typhoid at its worst.” Nearly 400 children have been affected near Hyderabad
  • Philippines – Cases of typhoid fever in Central Visayas reached 536 with three deaths in the first half of 2017, 8 percent lower compared with the same time period last year



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Complications and Case Studies


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