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Fiji utilizes TCV for outbreak response

In July, Fiji began a typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) campaign in the Northern Division to help combat recurrent typhoid outbreaks. The 8-week campaign will offer TCV to all individuals 9 months to 65 years old. In Fiji, local burden data show that typhoid is an important public health problem even in adults, which is why health officials decided to vaccinate a larger age cohort. The vaccination campaign aims to reach at least 80 percent coverage in the Northern Division in an effort to eliminate typhoid from the island.

Typhoid is one of three priority communicable diseases for Fijian health authorities. The annual cyclone season brings heavy rainfall and coastal areas are prone to flooding, which likely contributes to typhoid transmission. In addition to the TCV vaccination campaign, the Typhoid in Fiji – Vaccination toward Elimination (Ty-FIVE) project, based at the International Vaccine Institute, is working with local partners to strengthen the typhoid surveillance system to better understand typhoid epidemiology and the impact of the TCV campaign.

Celebrating World Water Week

On August 22, the Coalition against Typhoid hosted a session at World Water Week 2023, to address the impact of climate change on waterborne disease transmission and the urgent need for robust climate-resilient water and sanitation systems. The informative session featured a distinguished panel of five WASH experts who discussed strategies for fostering collaboration between public health researchers and water utility authorities.

Key takeaways from the session included highlighting the public health risks of climate change in the transmission of waterborne diseases; the importance of establishing sustainable, safe water solutions; the impact of climate change on WASH infrastructure and access; and the effectiveness of environmental surveillance as a tool for identifying waterborne diseases. A significant emphasis was placed on cultivating stronger collaboration across diverse sectors, including public health, municipal governance, and water and sanitation management.

Registration open for 2023 Typhoid Conference

Registration for the 13th International Conference on Typhoid and other Invasive Salmonelloses in Kigali, Rwanda, is now open. The Coalition against Typhoid is pleased to offer a limited number of travel awards to individuals working in the typhoid, paratyphoid, and invasive nontyphoidal Salmonella field to attend and participate in the International Conference. Presenters of oral and poster abstracts, as well as invited symposium and plenary presenters, who would be unable to attend the conference without financial assistance are eligible to apply. Stay tuned for information on how to apply for travel awards on the Take on Typhoid website.

A deep dive into TCV

Take a vaccine deep dive with Gavi’s webinar on typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV). Representatives from Gavi, the World Health Organization, and TyVAC discuss typhoid burden; drug resistance; TCV safety, efficacy and coadministration; Gavi support and the application process; and country assistance from TyVAC. The webinar is part of a training series on Gavi funding and processes, to include vaccine applications.


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