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Aga Khan University conducts door-to-door surveillance in the midst of the outbreak.
Aga Khan University conducts door-to-door surveillance in the midst of the outbreak | Photo credit Aga Khan University

Investigators at the Aga Khan University in Pakistan are actively investigating a large outbreak oftyphoid fever bacteria that are resistant to ceftriaxone, an antibiotic commonly used by physicians to treat typhoid. To date, more than 250 cases of antibiotic-resistant typhoid have been identified. If this outbreak is not controlled in a timely manner, it could spread to other parts of the province and country. Read more.

Typhoid Watch

  • Guatemala – An outbreak of typhoid in Petén has resulted in 60 reported cases since July 9, including two deaths
  • India – Around 24 people from Boddapadu village of Krishna district with high fevers in different hospitals were diagnosed with typhoid. In Dhubri district, 176 typhoid cases have been reported due to severe flooding and a shortage of clean drinking water
  • Nepal – In the wake of deadly flooding in Nepal, hospitals report a rise in typhoid cases as people resort to drinking contaminated water
  • Sierra Leone – After a mudslide which killed at least 1,000 people in Freetown and left thousands more homeless, health agencies are racing to prevent outbreaks of diseases like cholera and typhoid
  • Syria – Towns of the eastern Ghouta, already suffering from a shortage of medical supplies, are seeing cases of typhoid fever spreading through the countryside. Residents of the al-Yarmouk refugee camp are also being diagnosed with typhoid due to a lack of clean water
  • Tonga – The Ministry of Health has recorded 25 cases of typhoid and six healthy carriers since February
  • Zimbabwe – A community health group has drilled 13 chlorinated boreholes in Harare in response to the outbreak of typhoid that hit the area earlier this year



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Antimicrobial Resistance


  • How patients navigate the diagnostic ecosystem in a fragmented health system: a qualitative study from India – Global Health Action


Genomics and Host Susceptibility



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