DCVMN International to Quicken Access to Affordable Vaccines

NEW DELHI: Vaccine manufacturers of India along with some developing countries have decided to undertake an over $3.6 million project to support initiatives for making available affordable high quality vaccines.

The Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) International today announced intention to support the programme regarding access to affordable high quality vaccines.

This is to be done by enabling a larger number of vaccine manufacturers to achieve a more sustainable and secure supply of priority vaccines for international procurement, the representative body said.

DCVMN currently comprises of 42 members from 16 countries. “The three years’ project costs of over $3.6 million will be sourced 60 percent by international global health organisations and the remaining jointly by DCVMN members and partners,” DCVMN said.

The priority vaccines to be targeted encompass pentavalent/ hexavalent, pneumococcal conjugate, rotavirus, typhoid conjugate, human papillomavirus, measles/rubella and inactivated polio vaccines, it added.

Four core areas have been agreed to for strengthening and fostering sustainable vaccine supply – review of manufacturing facilities design; providing adequate training on evolving GMP requirements, quality management systems, WHO standards and prequalification; encouraging dialogue on regulatory challenges and facilitating access to independent experts, DCVMN said.

Commenting on the steps being planned, DCVMN President Mahendra Suhardono said: “With two out of three children in the world receiving lifesaving vaccines from emerging manufacturers, and as the world’s population is growing at the fastest rate in developing countries, it is important to ensure improved manufacturing in every facility we can reach.”