Coalition against Typhoid Holds Key Meetings at ASTMH

Sabin’s Coalition against Typhoid (CaT) Secretariat recently travelled to Atlanta, Georgia for a series of meetings at the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH). Typhoid fever is a severe bacterial infection spread through water or food contaminated with human waste that causes 200,000 deaths each year in countries around the world – that’s half the population of Georgia’s capital city… each year.

At the conference, Dr. Chris Nelson (Director, CaT) and Austin Lee (Program Associate) held several key meetings with a variety of stakeholders and partners in advocacy and typhoid vaccine development.

On Tuesday, November 13th the CaT Secretariat organized the third in a series of meetings aimed at using improved mathematical models to better estimate the burden and transmission patterns of typhoid. During the ASTMH sponsored symposium, “Advances in Typhoid Fever Epidemiology and Control,” several leading experts from the typhoid community gave valuable lectures to a full crowd. On Thursday, November 15th, the final typhoid meeting organized by CaT brought together many of the coalition members for an afternoon of updates from all partners in attendance.

These key meetings at ASTMH were valuable for the CaT secretariat, CaT members, as well as other conference attendees. The Coalition against Typhoid Secretariat continues to use major conferences like ASTMH to disseminate key messages about the burden of typhoid and the need for improved typhoid conjugate vaccines.

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