WHO SEARO Typhoid Meeting Report

Global & South-East Asia region typhoid researchers assembled in New Delhi, India on September 28-29 for the World Health Organization’s Informal Consultation of Experts in Typhoid Fever. The meeting reviewed global and regional enteric fever disease burden data as well as updated attendees on current studies in order to analyze the feasibility of various typhoid control strategies. Presentations were given on studies and new data in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Nepal. Also reviewed at the meeting was the typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV) currently in development. The status of the TCV, knowledge about the performance of the currently available WHO prequalified vaccine, timelines for typhoid vaccine policy revision and activities to support TCV introduction were discussed in depth at the meeting.

With new data, multiple studies in progress and the TCV nearing pre-qualification, the WHO’s South East-Asia Regional Office (SEARO) used this consultation meeting as an opportunity to begin discussion for a regional plan aimed at (a) ensuring visibility of typhoid and paratyphoid fever as a priority public health problem; and (b) an agreed program for typhoid control in general and typhoid vaccine introduction specifically.  A meeting report summarizing considerations for typhoid control and next steps towards development of a regional plan will be available soon from the WHO.

Meeting Attendees included:

Dr. Arindam Ray

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Buddha Basnyat

Oxford University Clinic Research – Nepal International Clinic

Dr. Denise Garrett

Coalition against Typhoid, Sabin Vaccine Institute

Dr. Dipika Sur

Sabin Vaccine Institute

Dr. Enoka Corea

University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dr. Firdausi Qadri

International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (icddr, b)

Dr. Gagandeep Kang

Christian Medical College

Dr. Harish Iyer

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Jacob John

Christian Medical College

Dr. Jamal Uddin

Dhaka Shishu Hospital

Dr. Jason Andrews

Stanford University

Dr. Kashmira Date

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Krishna Mohan

Bharat Biotech International Ltd.

Dr. Mulya Rahma Karyanti

University of Indonesia

Dr. Namita Singh

Becton Dickinson India Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Narenda Kumar Arora

The INCLEN Trust International

Prof. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly

Translational Health Science and Technology Institute

Dr. Shanta Dutta

National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases

Dr. Steve Luby

Stanford University

Dr. Vittal Mogasale

International Vaccine Institute

Dr. Pem Namgyal

WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia

Dr. Adwoa Bentsi-Enchill

WHO Headquarters

Dr. Nihal Abeysinghe

WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia

Dr. Sunil Bahl

WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia

Dr. Gopinath Nair

WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia

Dr. Mohammad Ahmad

WHO County Office, India

Dr. Pavana Murthy

WHO County Office, India

Dr. Aarti Garg

WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia

Mr. Rajiv Maken

WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia


Alice Lee is an associate at Sabin Vaccine Institute.