Malawi vaccination drive: An integrated immunization campaign against typhoid, measles, rubella, and polio; health benefits and potential challenges


Adriano Focus Lubanga, Akim Nelson Bwanali, Leonard Munthali, Mzati Mphepo, Gertrude Diana Chumbi, Melina Kangoma, Chana Khuluza


Vaccination stands as one of the most important scientific discoveries and public health achievements in the fight against diseases. For over a century, millions of early childhood deaths have been averted through routine immunizations. However, to prevent the morbidity and mortality associated with vaccine-preventable diseases and their complications and optimize the control of vaccine-preventable diseases in communities, high uptake rates must be achieved. Mass immunization campaigns (MICs) have globally been used to introduce new vaccines for major infectious diseases and improve coverage of routine vaccines through catch-up campaigns. Malawi recently undertook such a campaign to introduce a highly efficacious typhoid conjugate vaccine and provides a catch-up to measles, rubella, and polio. Such campaigns are associated with multiple benefits. However, the MICs are associated with multiple challenges to be successfully administered. In this review, we highlight recent MIC, vaccine coverage, and potential challenges and benefits and offer recommendation for future preventive campaigns.

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