Typhoid enteric perforation. Diagnosis, therapeutic options and predictive prognostic indices. A report of 56 cases in Niamey National Hospital (Niger)


Harouna, Y.; Saidou, B.; Seibou, A.; Abarchi, H.; Abdou, I.; Madougou, M.; Gamatie, Y.; Bazira, L.


During February 1995-December 1996, 160 patients were treated for peritonitis at the National Hospital in Niamey, Niger. There were 56 cases of typhoid perforation (35%) with a sex-ratio of 3/1 and mean age of 20 years. Diagnosis was made on the basis of clinical signs, Widal test result, radiological (pneumoperitoneum) and operative findings. The most common post-operative complications were wound sepsis, wound dehiscence and fistulae. The morbidity and mortality rates were 25-80% and 29%, respectively.


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