Surge of Typhoid Intestinal Perforations as Possible Result of COVID-19-Associated Delays in Seeking Care, Madagascar


Hyon Jin Jeon, Florian Marks, Jonathan Sugimoto, Justin Im, Sophie S Y Kang, Andrea Haselbeck, Raphaël Rakotozandrindrainy


During the coronavirus disease pandemic, we observed a 6.4-fold increase in typhoid intestinal perforation incidence in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Thirteen perforations occurred within 6 months (February 2020-July 2020), compared with 13 perforations during the previous 41 months (August 2016-January 2020). The increase may be attributable to delayed healthcare seeking during the pandemic.

Keywords: COVID-19; Madagascar; SARS-CoV-2; Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi; coronavirus disease; intestinal perforations; respiratory infections; severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2; surveillance; typhoid; viruses; zoonoses.

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