Salmonella sepsis in a patient with TLR4 gene polymorphisms


Anastasia D StrutynskayaMaria A KarnaushkinaIgor E TyurinIrina S Komarova


Non-typhoid Salmonella gastroenteritis is one of the most common forms of intestinal infections among the population of developed countries and generalized forms of infection are rare. We present a case of 67-year-old woman with salmonaella sepsis, deep venous thrombosis, and septic thromboembolism of pulmonary artery complicated with development of necrotizing pneumonia. Generalization of the infectious process was mediated by the presence of polymorphisms in the TLR4 gene. Development of pulmonary infarction is infrequent. Even rarer is a formation of cavities in infarcted lung tissue, usually in the background of the infectious disease. A combination of 2 rare conditions in 1 patient demonstrates the need of multidisciplinary approach in treatment of severe and atypical forms of infectious diseases to evaluate the primary etiology of such state. The article will discuss various aspects of lung tissue damage caused by Salmonella and give a brief overview of the literature on this topic.

Click here to read the article, published in Radiology Case Reports.