Prevalence and antibiotic resistance of Salmonella spp. in South Punjab-Pakistan


Aftab QamarTariq IsmailSaeed Akhtar 


Present study aimed at investigating the magnitude of the prevalence and antibiotic resistance among four Salmonella spp. i.e., S. typhi, S. paratyphi A, S. paratyphi B and S. typhimurium. Raw milk and environment samples were collected from the five districts of southern part of the province of Punjab in Pakistan i.e., Multan, Bahawalpur, Lodhran, Dera Ghazi Khan and Muzaffargarh. Extent of antibiotic resistance was also determined and classified as resistant, intermediate and susceptible. District-wise prevalence data on Salmonella spp. in milk and environmental samples indicated higher S. typhi, S. paratyphi B and S. typhimurium count in Bahawalpur, D.G. Khan and Muzaffargarh districts, respectively. Amongst 13 tested antibiotics, chloramphenicol and ofloxacin were found to be the most susceptible against Salmonella spp. Increased emergence of antibacterial resistance was noted with respect to the type of antibiotics among Salmonella spp. isolates. The study suggests serious interventions to be practiced by the farmers and raw milk vendors in animal husbandry and milk marketing, respectively to curb the burden of Salmonella spp. prevalence in milk. Further, active engagement of animal health division and enforcement agencies to ensure sagacious use of antibiotics at farm level may also help in containment of antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella spp.

Click here to read the article, published in PLoS ONE.