Non-typhoidal salmonella: invasive, lethal, and on the loose


John H Amuasi, Jürgen May


In The Lancet Infectious Diseases, the GBD 2017 Non-Typhoidal Salmonella Invasive Disease Collaborators estimate the global burden of invasive non-typhoidal salmonella disease using Bayesian meta-regression tools. The results show a high but decreasing number of cases since 2005 with a continuously high case fatality rate, consistent with previous estimates. These findings show that serotypes of Salmonella enterica subspecies that cause invasive non-typhoidal salmonella disease are “low-incidence, high-consequence” pathogens. The unique potentiation of mortality from invasive non-typhoidal salmonella disease through HIV infection, malnutrition, and malaria, has further prompted investigation into the burden of this infectious disease in recent times to inform measures for mitigation.

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