COVID-19 and Salmonella Typhi co-epidemics in Pakistan: A real problem


Aleena HaqqiMuhammad KhurramMaryam Salah Ud DinMuhammad Nauman AftabMuhammad AliHaroon AhmedMuhammad Sohail Afzal


Recent articles have pointed the impact of co-epidemics/co-infections of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases on an already overburdened healthcare infrastructure. With the present toll of COVID-19 cases reaching beyond 10,922,324 infected cases and claiming 523,011 lives. In Pakistan, the numbers of COVID-19 are continually on the rise and the condition is worsening, with around 225,283 infected individuals. The death rate in Pakistan is comparatively low as compared to the western countries and has claimed 4619 lives so far as shown in figure 1. Pakistan is entirely occupied with the COVID-19 catastrophe; simultaneously around 20000 typhoid cases within 10 days of June 2020 have also been reported along with COVID-19. Such conditions would result in the havoc and would take a heavy toll on the public health sector thus losing lives as a result of an inability to cater all patients at the same time with a limited financing and healthcare resources.

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