Combined vaccines for prophylaxis of infectious conditions



In recent years, the application of vaccines shows limitations, including the high number of vaccine administrations and the fear of safety and effectiveness. In this regard, advanced vaccine products have been developed, like the combined vaccines, or are under development, such as nucleic acid vaccines (DNA and RNA), polymer-based vaccines, etc. Moreover, the possible use of traditional, like aluminium hydroxide and aluminium phosphate, or innovative adjuvants, like monophosphoryl lipid A, polysaccharides and nanoparticulate system, may further increase vaccine effectiveness. This review article focuses on the combined vaccines, which, especially when they are associated with adjuvants, reduce the dosing frequency, and prolong the duration of action, thus providing better vaccine coverage. Marketed preparations, like Typhim Vi, Peda typh and Boostrix showed better vaccine coverage for diseases like typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis. The future aspect for the development of combined vaccines will protect not only against infectious diseases but likely even against various infectious conditions, like pneumonia, meningococcal infection and respiratory syncytial virus infection.

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