Antimicrobial Resistance in Typhoidal Salmonella: Around the World in 3 Days


Senjuti Saha, Mohammad Saiful Islam Sajib, Denise Garrett, Farah N Qamar


With the increasing antibacterial resistance in typhoidal Salmonella and the dearth of novel antimicrobials on the horizon, we risk losing our primary defense against widespread morbidity and mortality from enteric fever. During 26–28 March 2019, researchers from around the world came together in Hanoi, Vietnam, and shared some of their latest findings on antimicrobial resistance. From the 258 abstracts presented at the conference, at least 50 discussed phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of antimicrobial resistance in typhoidal Salmonella, covering data of at least 24 different countries, spanning 5 continents. Here, we summarize the key findings, focusing on our global journey ahead.

Click here to read the article, published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.