Detection of non-typhoid Salmonella infection by citrus and citrus extracts in Lao PDR


Yutaka Midorikawaa, Satoshi Nakamurab, Rattanaphone Phetsouvanhc, Manivanh Vongsouvahtc, Kaoru Midorikawad


Objective: To know the current state of non-typhoid Salmonella infection in Laos. To examine the usefulness of new screening methods for Salmonella using citrus.

Methods: Non-typhoid Salmonella infection of person in Lao PDR was studied in this research (2004-2009). The site was Vientiane capital city in 2004. Research from rural villages locating suburb of Vientiane during 2005-2008 was carried out. Rural villages in Attapu province where ethnic minorities were living was searched for this study in 2009. During this research, to detect Salmonella strain, a new method using citrus and citrus extract named MY phenomenon that observing black ring (MIDO ring) on DHL agar was tried. The slice lemon and lime were used for this trial in 2004. After 2005, disk of ascorbic acid and citric acid were used for the device instead of citrus fruits itself.

Results: During this research, 65 of 272 human samples (23.9%) were infected with non-typhoid Salmonella.

Conclusions: During this study, the method using citrus and citrus extracts was accepted for the detection of Salmonella. This study shows that with citrus and citrus extract, detection of Salmonella is possible using only DHL media. Results suggest that infectious rate of non-typhoid Salmonella was high.


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