WHO Position Paper Social Media Kit

Sample tweets for WHO recommendation: March 30, 2018

#Typhoid conjugate vaccines are supported by @gavi, @WHO-prequalified, and now – formally recommended by WHO for use in routine immunization programs. It’s GO time to #TakeOnTyphoid! https://bit.ly/2GlO4CF


We’re more ready than ever to #TakeOnTyphoid! @WHO’s new #typhoid position paper recommends typhoid conjugate vaccine in routine immunization programs of endemic countries: https://bit.ly/2GlO4CF


The @WHO recommendation of #typhoid conjugate vaccines is the final global step needed to prepare for country introduction. Countries can soon start applying for @gavi TCV support! http://bit.ly/2q1TigG #TakeOnTyphoid #vaccineswork


Big news! @WHO updates its #typhoid position paper for the first time in 10 years. The change? Typhoid conjugate #vaccineswork & are now formally recommended for routine childhood immunization! https://bit.ly/2pQD3mO #TakeOnTyphoid @GatesFoundation


Typhoid conjugate #vaccineswork, and they are now supported by @gavi and prequalified & recommended by @WHO – a fast-acting tool available just in time for an urgent threat. https://bit.ly/2GlO4CF #TakeOnTyphoid @Stanford


#Typhoid still kills 128,000 people – mostly young children – every year. Vaccines & WASH are both needed to #TakeOnTyphoid, and a new vaccine is now recommended by @WHO! @EmoryRollins https://bit.ly/2GlO4CF


Drug-resistant #typhoid is becoming more common & increasingly difficult to treat, like the recent XDR outbreak in #Pakistan. @WHO’s new recommendation for typhoid conjugate vaccines could not be timelier. https://bit.ly/2GlO4CF #TakeOnTyphoid @AKUGlobal


Globally, #Africa carries the second largest burden of #typhoid. We need new tools to #TakeOnTyphoid, and a safe & effective vaccine for young children is now recommended by @WHO for routine immunization. https://bit.ly/2GlgnVN @KEMRI_Kenya


With @WHO’s new recommendation for #typhoid conjugate vaccines, we are more equipped to #TakeOnTyphoid than ever before. https://bit.ly/2GlO4CF @UMCVD


With the @WHO recommendation now in place, @gavi-eligible countries can start preparing to apply for support! Let’s #TakeOnTyphoid to defeat #AMR http://bit.ly/2q1TigG @GaviSeth


Have you heard? @WHO now formally recommends all endemic countries to introduce #typhoid conjugate vaccines! https://bit.ly/2GlO4CF #Vaccineswork, and now they can #TakeOnTyphoid @icddrb

#Vaccineswork, and now they’re recommended to #TakeOnTyphoid among young children! https://bit.ly/2GlO4CF @AnitaEDD @GatesFoundation

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