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Great news from @WHO today! Prequalification of a typhoid conjugate vaccine brings us one step closer to reaching millions at risk of typhoid #VaccinesWork #TakeOnTyphoid pic.twitter.com/AcPuJkFD1m

The first typhoid conjugate vaccine has achieved @WHO prequalification. This is a GREAT step toward preventing the 12 million typhoid cases and 128,000 deaths every year #VaccinesWork #TakeOnTyphoid http://bit.ly/2CupXE1

.@WHO has announced that a typhoid conjugate vaccine has achieved prequalification 🎉🎉. But what does that mean? Now we can better #TakeOnTyphoid in endemic countries with a high-quality, effective and safe vaccine  http://bit.ly/2EDui54

Prequalification of the new typhoid vaccine lets us #TakeOnTyphoid! 💪👊 With drug resistance on the rise, now is the time to protect millions of kids 👶💉🙌 pic.twitter.com/9Tq5mQwqxa

Now that a new #typhoid vaccine is prequalified by the @WHO, we’re one step closer to providing children with more effective and longer-lasting protection #VaccinesWork #TakeOnTyphoid http://bit.ly/2CupXE1

Not only is the new #typhoid vaccine prequalified by the @WHO, it is effective, long-lasting and can be given to kids as young as 6 months! 🙌 #TakeOnTyphoid #VaccinesWork http://bit.ly/2CupXE1

The new #typhoid vaccine, prequalified by the @WHO, is a “major advancement for child health,” and can be used for routine childhood immunization, says @UMCVD director Kathy Neuzil #TakeOnTyphoid #VaccinesWork pic.twitter.com/Zl4ls6VkkC http://bit.ly/2lMeJQe

The newly prequalified #typhoid vaccine has the potential to “ensure fewer and fewer children and families suffer the scourges of typhoid,” says Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta, a Pakistan physician and advocate #TakeOnTyphoid #VaccinesWork pic.twitter.com/CuMvqvgjwh

The typhoid vaccine can save lives. Prequalification means it can reach the lives that need saving @DrBGellin @SabinVaccine #VaccinesWork pic.twitter.com/KObcFkuFFf http://bit.ly/2CupXE1

Taking on #typhoid would not be possible without prequalification. This decision means we can protect more children against typhoid @ovg_openminds #VaccinesWork #TakeOnTyphoid pic.twitter.com/ps5CWNFtdK http://bit.ly/2CupXE1

.@WHO has prequalified a new #typhoid vaccine that can protect children as young as six months! #VaccinesWork #TakeOnTyphoid http://bit.ly/2CupXE1



Great news from the @World Health Organization today! Typbar TCV®, a typhoid conjugate vaccine manufactured by Bharat Biotech, has been prequalified, meaning that the vaccine meets all quality, efficacy, and safety standards, and is ready to be used in endemic countries. Today’s announcement brings us one step closer to reaching millions at risk of typhoid. http://bit.ly/2CupXE1

Prequalification of the typhoid conjugate vaccine from the @World Health Organization helps us #TakeOnTyphoid! This is a major step to preventing the 12 million typhoid cases and 128,000 deaths every year. Typhoid conjugate vaccines are more effective, longer-lasting, and can be given to children as young as six months, making it possible to include typhoid vaccines in routine childhood immunizations. It’s time to #TakeOnTyphoid! http://bit.ly/2CupXE1