Post Market In-vitro Bioequivalence Study on Representative Brands of Ciprofloxacin Tablets (500 mg) Prescribed in Typhoid Disease


Muhammad Azeem1, Humaira Naureen, Madeeha Malik.


Seven brands of ciprofloxacin (One multinational and six local) were evaluated in terms of their bioavailability and efficacy. Pharmaceutical Parameters like weight variation, hardness, disintegration, dissolution and content assay were determined. Antibacterial susceptibility assay was performed on standard Strain of Salmonella typhi (ATCC 14028). MIC and ZOI were assessed. The results of the study indicated that three local brands had content less than the stated claim of USP and one brand did not pass the disintegration and dissolution tests, so they cannot be used as therapeutic alternatives. Antibacterial assay showed less MIC value of the brands having greater drug content while drug with lesser amount had greater MIC value. Similarly, one local brand showed greater zone of inhibition (ZOI) as compared to multinational brand having more price than the local brand.


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