Malaria and Typhoid Co-infection: Need to Interpret Serological Results Cautiously


Monika Matlani, Bhavna Sharma, and Rajni Gaind



The Editor,

This is in reference to the article “Comparative evaluation of various tests for diagnosis of concurrent Malaria and Typhoid fever in a tertiary care hospital of Northern India” published by Deepika verma et al., in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 2014, May, Vol-8(5), in which the prevalence of malaria and typhoid co-infections have been reported to be 8.5% using serological tests and 1.6% using blood culture for enteric fever and peripheral smear for Malaria [1]. We would like to add to the existing knowledge by sharing our findings using various serological and gold standard tests for Malaria and Enteric fever. This is also to highlight the epidemiological differences in both the diseases as well as confections in different regions of Northern India.


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