Epidemiology and risk factors for typhoid fever in Central Division, Fiji, 2014–2017: A case-control study


Namrata Prasad, Aaron P. Jenkins, Lanieta Naucukidi, Varanisese Rosa, Aalisha Sahu-Khan, Mike Kama, Kylie M. Jenkins, Adam W. J. Jenney, Susan J. Jack, Debasish Saha, Pierre Horwitz, Stacy D. Jupiter, Richard A. Strugnell, E. Kim Mulholland, John A. Crump.


Typhoid fever is endemic in Fiji, with high reported annual incidence. We sought to identify the sources and modes of transmission of typhoid fever in Fiji with the aim to inform disease control.
Poor sanitation facilities appear to be a major source of Salmonella Typhi in Fiji, with transmission by drinking contaminated surface water and consuming unwashed produce. Improved sanitation facilities and protection of surface water sources and produce from contamination by human feces are likely to contribute to typhoid control in Fiji.


Click here to view the article, published in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.