Epidemiological and Clinical Features of Salmonella Typhi Infection Among Adult Patients in Qatar: A Hospital-based Study


Hasan Ahmedullah, Fahmi Yousef Khan, Muna Al Maslamani, Hussam Al Soub, Kadavil Chacko, Mohammed Abu Khattab, Samar Mahmoud, Faraj Howaidy, Maliha Thapur, Eyad Al Madhoun, Manal Hamed, Sanjay Doiphode, Abdulatif Al Khal, and Anand Deshmukh.


We conducted a retrospective study of adult patients treated for typhoid fever at Hamad General Hospital and Alkhor Hospital between 2005 and 2012 in Qatar.
Typhoid fever was frequent among immigrants to endemic areas. Travelers returning from endemic areas with suspected typhoid fever should be treated empirically with third-generation cephalosporin after obtaining appropriate cultures. Moreover, preventive measurements such as education on food and water hygiene, and effective vaccination of travelers should be practiced widely among travelers to endemic areas to reduce morbidity and mortality.


Click here to view the article, published in Oman Medical Journal.