Our Strategy

The Coalition against Typhoid (CaT) is a global forum connecting researchers, advocates and policymakers to raise awareness of typhoid and other invasive salmonelloses as a global health priority. CaT acts as a catalyst in the global health and development community to coordinate partnerships, convene decision-makers, and advocate for the next generation vaccines.

CaT’s mission is to prevent typhoid among vulnerable populations through research, education and advocacy. This mission is accomplished through a five goal strategy:

Goal 1 – Foster Collaboration and Alignment of Efforts

With its steering committee, CaT engages and supports Coalition members’ work toward the common goal of preventing typhoid. CaT provides a platform for sharing research and project updates with a robust network of partners to advance the introduction of new preventative measures including the typhoid conjugate vaccine.

Goal 2 – Make Typhoid and NTS a Global Health Priority: Strategic Advocacy and Communications

CaT increases the visibility of typhoid as an urgent and preventable public health issue. At the global level, the Coalition prioritizes sharing stories of human impact, translating data for policy makers, and placing research in scientific journals. At the country level, CaT supports the work of country champions through advocacy toolkits tailored for endemic countries’ context.

Goal 3 – Convene Health and Development Community to Disseminate Research and Results

An organizer of the typhoid community, CaT hosts events for members including the biennial International Conference on Typhoid and Other Invasive Salmonelloses to strengthen linkages between researchers and policy. The meetings and conferences address critical research and policy issues around the introduction of the typhoid conjugate vaccine and facilitate coordinated action toward typhoid prevention.

Goal 4 – Cultivate Public-Private Partnerships

CaT bridges the gap between vaccine industries, researchers and policy makers. Utilizing research, CaT is accelerating typhoid conjugate vaccine readiness by connecting stakeholders with updated information and data.

Goal 5 – Strengthen Sustainability of CaT

CaT works within an equity framework to build new allies in advancing typhoid prevention and reach a wider audience. Collaborating with diverse health and development sectors, including the water, sanitation and hygiene sector, increases CaT’s impact and sustainability.