Call for Workshops

The Coalition against Typhoid invites submissions for workshops related to typhoid fever and other invasive salmonelloses, and which support the conference theme and objectives. These sessions are designed to be highly interactive, and may include active discussions with participants, networking, roundtables, and activities that involve collaboration and hands-on problem solving. Each workshop will be one hour and should have a cohesive theme and clear objectives. The 13th International Conference on Typhoid & Other Invasive Salmonelloses will be convened under the theme Catalyzing Change: The Urgency of Expanding Impact-Driven Solutions.

The electronic submission system is NOW OPEN. Workshops must be submitted by 11:59PM EST on June 16th and will be reviewed by CaT leadership and the conference Scientific Committee. Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your workshop (a PDF of the guidelines can be found here):

Workshops must:
• Be written in English
• Use a standard font, e.g. Arial
• Use single line spacing
• Avoid the use of abbreviations within the text
• Title should not exceed 150 characters
• Word (.doc) and PDF files are acceptable

The workshop must be submitted in the following format:
• Name of Organizer
• Workshop Summary
• Learning Outcomes
• Desired Impact
• Presentation Title and Presenters Names, Background, and Affiliation

The following review criteria will be used in scoring workshops:
• Does the workshop support the overall conference theme and objectives?
• Are the presentations original, and do they contribute to the field?
• Are the objectives of the workshop clearly presented and relevant to the conference audience?

Commitment to Inclusiveness:

We encourage all session conveners to join us in creating a program inclusive and representative of the many diverse voices and perspectives needed advance the control and prevention of typhoid and other invasive salmonelloses. Learn more about our Commitment to Inclusion here.