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Barriers to Typhoid Vaccine Uptake

  1. Limited disease burden & vaccine health impact data
  2. Lack of consensus on vaccine choice (conjugate vs. non-conjugate)
  3. No established vaccination strategies regarding who, where or how to vaccinate
  4. No committed donor financing

  5. Lack of focused communications and advocacy for raising country awareness, adoption & fundraising
  6. Diagnostic tool limitations which hinders the ability to generate credible disease burden data (and identify high risk groups)
  7. The cost-driven preference for inexpensive treatment over vaccines
  8. Other potential challenges:
  • Paratyphi burden
  • Lack of WHO prequalified vaccines
  • Country political will
  • Managing typhoid as a communicable disease rather than within the immunization system
  • Current focus on Hib, pneumococcal, and rotavirus vaccine introduction in GAVI countries

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